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interview with jessica kelley

Shanae Dykes

Aug 06, 2012

How did you come to know about Jeremy Wallace and Elevated Praise?I met Jeremy four years ago in the spring of 2008 through a mutal friend. At that time, Elevated Praise was only a seed planted in his mind. I actually was an original member of the group before I moved away from Birmingham and could no longer particpate as an active member. Despite that, I have still maintained contact with Jeremy and have always been especially interested in and prayed for this group. I have seen the group grow and develop from its foundation until what it is today.

What do you feel sets Jeremy Wallace and Elevated Praise apart from other Christian groups?What sets Jeremy Wallace and Elevated Praise apart from other Christian groups is their dedication to ministry. In fact, that is the biggest difference - it's not a musical group. It's a music ministry. In the very formative stages of this music ministry, Jeremy's expressed his desire to provide a real, personal Christian experience to each and every person who comes in contact with this group. In four years, that hasn't changed. In forty years, that will not have changed. This group endeavors to be a light in the darkness and to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Music is the tool this group uses, but what they're building can only be described as a ministry.

In what ways do you think this single will impact believers and unbelievers alike?This single, You Are All I Need reaches believers and unbelievers by telling them the most basic of Christian principles - God is all we need; and even though it's a basic principle, it's one that we are so quick to forget! Sure, the song is fun and catchy, but it's powerful and that is where the impact lies. That is what's going to help the unbeliever who doesn't know the scripture or the believer who does - but still feels discouraged.
When life is rough and you feel like you are backed up into a corner with no way out, you can listen to this song and be reminded that God is ALL you need - not a single thing more; and I don't care who you are, that's good news!

What part did you play with the releasing of this single? Explain your experience.Oh, man...where do I start? Unofficially, I'm the Jeremy Wallace and Elevate Praise cheerleader. I do whatever I can whenever I can. Officially, I filmed the music video for the lead single for the album. That was three long, grueling days of filmming in the heat and rain, but to God be the glory! We got that thing finished and I am now in the process of editing. I'm excited for this opportunity to be able to work with the group again.

What is you overall impression of the single, You're All I Need?I love it! Call me biased if you want, but I love the single! It's a fresh, upbeat song with a feel-good vibe. It's got a hip, urban feel, but it's not just for young people. I don't care if you're one or one hundred, you'll love it. I could go on and on about the technical musical aspects, but nobody cares to read that stuff. All I've got to say is that the song is hot and if you don't know who Jeremy Wallace and Elevated Praise are, trust will.